Samsung promises to launch Foldable Phones by 2018

Samsung is going for the big fish, promises to launch Foldable Phones by 2018

What do you think? Your next smartphone might fold in half. Super amazing but then, how will Samsung compete with other smartphone technologies using a foldable phone? Let’s read what Samsung has to say.

On Tuesday, Samsung announced that it plans to release a foldable smartphone in 2018. The Samsung Electronics president of mobile business Koh Dong-jin in an interview said that their main goal next year is to overcome all obstacles and launch the product

With the focus on trying to make a difference, rumours have had it that Samsung has been pursuing a foldable phone since at least 2013,after showing prototypes at various technology conferences and also building an artificial intelligent speaker to compete with the Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod and Google Home. All these are confirmed new ways of standing out in the increasingly congested tech market. However Koh did not give futher information about the smart speaker and when it will launch.

In addition to a foldable phone, Samsung will be launching the Galaxy S9 in January as rumours have had it. If this is actually true, it Samsung will have to use a multi-pronged attack against the new iPhone X, which starts at $999 . This also means that the company will largely rely on the Galaxy Note 8 to compete with the new iPhones 8 and iPhone 8 plus throughout this year.

As usual, we will be looking forward to seeing these launches and bringing you with the best analysis about  Samsung and it top rivals. Foldable phones sounds pretty cool but the question is will it actually have enough technology to beat down iPhone 8 and its counterparts?

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