The OTC Updater, Microsoft’s tool to bring your Windows Phones up to date

Although Microsoft made it absolutely clear that windows phones are dead commercially, the tech giant is still making security updates and bug fixes for users. The firm has come up with a new tool that brings up your phone to the latest version of operating system, the “OTC”- Over-the-cable.

Before this tool was made available, users had to download and install every update individually until their devices were up to date. This process was understandably tedious for many users, which might eventually cause most people to opt out from the whole updating process altogether, leaving some with outdated Windows version.

The Windows Device Recovery Tool (WDRT), also served as an option for users to update their devices directly without going through any long process but the functionality of this tool was later altered. The app only allows users to restore Windows phones to the original version it was shipped in with.

The OTC updater, makes it very easy, it does exactly what it has been made for, updating Windows phones. All you have to do is connect the device to a PC via USB with the app installed on your Windows 10 PC and run OTCUpdater.exe. By following these easy steps you will be able to update your handset to the latest version and that’s all there is to it. However, the PC must have a minimum of NET 4.0 installed and must have Internet connectivity and be able to connect to WU.


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