Apps are freezing on some Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phones

It seems Google isn’t the only company faced with issues from its flagship devices. Information has been given that many units of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 are completely freezing. When apps like the contacts app, which is used for messaging, and phone calling is in use, the phone ceases to function. Base on the replies from the Samsung forum titled “Note 8 freezing and unresponsive”, many Note 8 are having this difficulty. Most cases of freezing occur when the user is doing something concerning calling and texting, making them believe contacts app is the culprit.

samsung galaxy note 8

Here’s a list of reasons, as gathered from the forum that will possibly make your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 freeze.

  • Using speed dial
  • Making calls from the recent calls list and contacts
  • Tapping on contacts in the Phone app
  • Tapping on contacts in the Messages app
  • Loading an Excel spreadsheet from an email
  • Opening contacts
  • Using the contacts list
  • Using Pokémon GO, Chrome, and the Google app
  • Tapping a contact in the Messages and Contacts apps
  • Charging overnight
  • Opening the Phone app
  • Opening an individual contact in the Contacts app
  • Opening Contacts while texting
  • While making a phone call

From the list above, it is pretty clear that the contact app has something to do with this. When these Note 8 devices are freezing, there are only two things to do that will get them back to normal: force restarts or complete battery drains. Users reported that they have tried clearing cache, uninstalling and reinstalling apps, and even factory resets, but to no avail. Some are guessing this may have to do with the Google Contacts app that was installed alongside Samsung’s, but there’s no solid proof of this being the problem. Note 8 users will find this very inconvenient in using a phone worth $1000.

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