Huawei’s Foldable Phone Coming Up 2018

Foldable is the future of Phones

Richard Yu, the company’s CEO, has announced that Huawei is already working on a sample of a foldable phone and says it has the potential to launch I the year 2018.

The big question is: Could 2018 be the year when everyone has a foldable phone? Since various smartphones companies have gone bezel free and are now with the big screens this year, 2018 could be an entirely different year for smartphone devices. We have already since ZTE Axon M with the dual display screens and that was a huge success from the company.


However, Huawei seems to follow the blue print set down by Axon M and says its engineers are working on reducing the space between the phone’s displays

Richard says Huawei could launch its first foldable phone next year, but the date and time it will be revealed isn’t known yet. For now, it it seems as if foldable phones will be two displays stitched together, but in the long run we could see a display that can bend in the middle.  Although smartphones haven’t really changed much over the years in terms of looks and forms, the phones of 2017 have definitely looked way better than before. The new technology of foldable phones might just be the hardware innovation that smartphone devices have been searching for.

While waiting for the official announcement of the foldable Huawei phone, there’s the Huawei Mate 10 to consider.


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