OnePlus To Also Showcase its 5G Phone

The competition to impress at this year’s Mobile World Congress is only getting more interesting. The event is only weeks away and even more announcements are coming in about what gadget lovers can expect to see this year. OnePlus, the company responsible for the amazing OnePlus 6T announced that it will debut its 5G device at the event. The OnePlus brand has been synonymous with the very best of phone features with the high cost of other brands. Fans of the company will be excited to know that it has also joined the 5G movement.

OnePlus 5G phone launch

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The new device will veer away from the OnePlus 6T flagship but is said to be one of the earliest releases. The phone will reportedly be available as early as the end of May, this year.
We already told you about Samsung, LG, Xiaomi are planning to unveil at this year’s biggest mobile event. Now the cost effective OnePlus has their foot in the door.

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