iPhone 7 Pro could be delayed until 2017 with an all-glass makeover

The rumored date for the release of the iPhone 7, all three variants – 7, 7 Plus, and 7 Pro, is supposedly September. But new reports going round is that the iPhone 7 Pro will be delayed till 2017 due to works on new features.

The design of the iPhone 7 Pro will most likely remain the same as the iPhone 6S – a slim metal phone, with the iconic Touch ID sensor below the screen. The only real change with the design could be moving the antenna bands to the top and bottom edges of the device, making them less visible. But it would still look a lot like the iPhone 6S.

It is almost certain that all three variants will be coming as water and dust resistant devices, and likely waterproof speakers. The removal of the headphone jack is still being strongly rumored, with a lot of debates happening if it will happen or not.

The 7 Pro's overall appearance is likely to be very similar to the iPhone 7 Plus (expected this September), but with the inclusion of a Smart Connector – three dots on the back, allows for the connection of  an add-on keyboard (featured on the iPod Pro range). There is a possibility of this feature coming with the iPhone 7 Pro.

Another possible rumor is the iPhone 7 Pro will have a dual-lens camera, likely a 12MP one. Even the September-due 7 Plus could sport the camera too. But the main point is that Apple will go a little out of their usual way to make the iPhone 7 Pro special, so we can't really suggest it's features based on previous iPhones. All of the three variants will be powered by a  hexa-core A10 processor, coupled with at least 2GB of RAM, we might see an improved 3 or 4 GB RAM in the Pro though (featured on the iPad Pro).

Amongst other features the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, and 7 Pro have in common, there is another unique feature to the 7 Pro, which is four speakers – two on the bottom and two on the top of the device (featured on the iPad Pro).

The cost of the iPhone 7 Pro when it is released by 2017 will most certainly be much more expensive than its brothers. With rumors having it that all three storage-variants of the 7 Pro will be coming at £720/US$880 for the 32GB variant, £800/US$965 for a 128GB variant, and £915/US$1120 for a 256GB variant.

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