Honor May Launch Magic 2 This Week

When a mobile phone company calls for a party, you must know that a new kiddo has been birthed. It’s a formal socially established behaviour in the Tech world when phones are launched, unveiled and released for use. This week is one of such times again, Huawei has a new phone to show to the world. The event is stated for December 13 in China.

You must be guessing the product already, well unfortunately, there’s no much details as to which phone will be launched..not even on the flyers. Anyway, the event is only a few days away, everything will be made plain. Presently, we assume that Huawei will continue the Honor Magic that was launched last year. The Magic phone with its developed AI system is a good phone that a lot of users still enjoy till date, putting some ice on the cake wouldn’t be a bad decision if Huawei decides to come in that line. Moreover, Huawei is now a big boss company that can boast of AI chip-set – the Kirin 970 – we might get a successor. More reason why we are most likely going to see a high-end phone at the launch.

Grab a seat, rest your back, eat popcorn..Two days waiting period activated!

Source: GsmArena

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