The First 5G Enabled Phone Has Been Unveiled

Speculations of 5G capable phones have been flying around for some time now. Phones with this new network are expected to be available to buy in 2019. Networks are already making plans to get on the train as soon as possible. 5G carries a host of more possibilities including longer range, more consistent connectivity for gaming, autonomous cars and virtual reality.

5g enabled phone

Phones that have been showcased to come out in 2019 have shown 5G snippets as what to expect. Tests that have been run have shown to go up to 1Gbps. This may not become reality for a while until the systems are upgraded to that capacity. This upgrade may likely show in 2019 or maybe even later, but the the first phone with 5G support has shown by Qualcomm. Qualcomm showed the phone with its latest Snapdragon 855 CPU which is able to support 5G. The rumours flying around are that this technology is what we will see in the phones able to support 5G starting in 2019.

A lot of previously announced phones are expected to carry this technology. Among the phones expected to have it are the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Moto Z4, LG G8 and even the iPhone 11.

The much talked about foldable phones may also carry this technology. However, it is unlikely that the companies planning in releasing these phones will use it as a selling point. Most of them are still trying to produce functional units of the phone before adding features.

Bola Johnson

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