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Fastest Android Phones – Google’s Pixels

All mobile expectations for 2016 has been fulfilled, thirst and hunger has been satisfied in all smartphone lovers. So now, we can all go to bed while flexing with our phones, but you better keep your fire extinguisher close if you still own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7; don't be the next victim.


That would have been a total truth, if only the Google's 2016 Nexus Phones; which of course (as reported in one of our previous post) will no longer have the Nexus branding, is out. However, report says it is still being processed and will be out in October. Another report says that the Pixel and Pixel XL may be the fastest kind of Android phone ever.

More about the phone was revealed in a Twitter chat with David Rudduck of Android Police, stating that the Phone will come with the updated Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 Processor, making it the first US device to use it, also that the Phone will have exclusive Google Supports, software features and financing options. He also mentioned that the price mighn’t be a little bit on the high side, with Pixel XL for about $649.

Another leak suggest that the phone might have an ugly rear view, a picture which was claimed to be Pixel XL was released to that effect.


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