Xperia X Compact – small and handy

Earlier this year at Mobile World Congress, the Sony Mobile Company unveiled a new smartphone brand. Since then, the company has worked diligently on several phones to add to this line.

Xperia X Compact is a new and very interesting one they got now, following the same old Sony's known features, in a very classic way though.
Xperia X Compact features –


  • Small screen; 4.6inch display

  • 23 megapixel sensor (which has a triple imaging tech and lightning fast focus)

  • 3GB of RAM

  • 32GB of Storage on board

  • Expandable micoSD

  • Strong Battery life (can last for about 2days)

Xperia X Compact is easy to hold and use in one hand, so handy, and also portable to stay in pockets without bulging.


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