Xiaomi Double Folding Phone Looks Really Good

There has been a lot of buzz around the foldable smartphone technology. As the competition between smartphone manufacturers heats up even more this year, many brands are making or have made prototype foldable phones. Majority of the chatter started when Samsung displayed its prototype last year even though an official release date has not been announced. Chinese smartphone producers, Xiaomi have no plans of being onlookers. Xiaomi’s president and co-founder Bin Lin showed  off their display technology in a video released on YouTube. The phone starts out looking like a tablet and he operates it a such. After a while he goes on to collapse both sides of the device into more of a smartphone sized device.

See video below:


No official release date has been announced yet but there is some reason for those who follow the brand to be excited.

Bola Johnson

Bola is a freelance writer, he is fascinated about mobile technology and its increasing impact on Nigerians and the World in general.

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