Sony Plans to Redesign and Restructure its Phones

Finally, the company has decided to turn things around. Sony has been with the same design languages on its phone for a very long time but while the Xperia X series will continue this design for the foreseeable future, it seems that Sony has plans to update the design language at some point.

Sony handsets have always been quite recognisable, perhaps for the wrong reasons. That familiar slab appearance makes them look quite unsightly against the newer, bezel-less devices such as Samsung and LG. The Managing Director, Kenichiro Hibi said they are planning to launch new generation of products and smartphones with a completely different design from the rest of devices produced by the company.

However, he didn’t mention what the new design of the devices will be but acknowledged that many companies are going bezel-less. Sony said the next flagship will be out soonest. In this case, Sony is stepping up its game by adding more features and forsaking its old “boring” design as described by users.

Sony plans to keep the race going with rivals by adopting a similar design of the bezel free look. News has also had it that the current OmniBalnce design on the way out is very acceptable. From users opinion, Sony phones are all similar in appearance and therefore their expectations about the new models to be made is very low. The recent Sony Xperia XZ1 design was questioned to be bezel-heavy

Notwithstanding, if the next flagship phone doesn’t come with a new design, we shouldn’t wait too long as the company reveals flagships every year. In fact, the next one of Sony’s devices is likely to be launched in February, 2018.


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