Samsung Develops A Graphene Battery-Booster, 12 MINUTES to fully charge your phone.

Samsung Graphene Battery Booster – less than 15 minutes charge

This is may be the beginning of another revolution in the Phone industry and a big deliverance to many, if not all mobile phone users. If I can charge my phone to 100% in less than 15 minutes (without minimal side effects), that makes life easier especially for those living in the third world countries where electricity is largely epileptic. Samsung has come with a solution, Graphene Battery Booster.

samsung phone back


Graphene itself is not entirely new in the industry. It was first introduced in May, 2016 by a Chinese company which used it in producing bendable Smartphones that could be worn like an innovative bracelet. Graphene will reduce duration used in charging a phone down from about an hour to 12 minutes.

As we know it, Lithium-ion Battery charges to full in 60 minute plus. Samsung claims that the Graphene technology will not only charge the phone five times faster but also improve its efficiency by 45%.

When to expect this technology is what we currently do not know, but if the details are true, it is worth more than waiting for.

Source: Dailymail

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