Microsoft is working on something new: A Phone with faster fingerprint scanner

Microsoft is rumored to be working on a surface phone. A recent patent suggests that the surface phone will have an 'extra-valour'; a better fingerprint scanner. This is a little deviation, or let us say an upgrade from the common kind of fingerprint scanner present in most smartphones, which are either placed in the home button or beside the camera at the back of the phone. This causes the phone to respond slowly to touch. To achieve this extra-vigour, the fingerprint scannershould be intricately worked into the Phone screen, this will initiate a quicker response when fingers touches the screen.
According to the patent, Microsoft should fix a wave guide and a filter under the screen, helping the sensors to respond quick at each touch. This will, not only make the Phone to respond faster but also look smarter.
However, with all technicalities looked into, the overall decision to release such Phone lies with the company, who hasn't made any announcement to confirm whether or not they are working on any surface phone.
Though we all wait for a 'formal' declaration or statement to publicly terminate their Lumia Phone brand, which was reported to be on the Companys' religation list.
Anyway, even if Microsoft work on such phone, they will not be tagged as the 'inventor' of the technology, as it has been modelled in LG Innotek.

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