Microsoft to end some Windows Phone, Lumia Production


Microsoft is said to be ready to stop production of some Windows Phone, and sadly Lumia brand seems to be on top of the list. This has been confirmed by several reports, and more evidently by these two major factors;

  1. Recently, Microsoft renovated their store; and surprisingly, the space that used to house the Lumia Phone has been removed. No more links to Lumia.
  2. Microsoft announced that they will no longer give replacement unit for Lumia Phone, even under warranty.

No doubt that their mind is fixed on this decision! There are various speculation to why Microsoft would want to end production of Lumia phone, but the most cogent is the fact that, the Lumia brand produces poor market shares, which wasn't the case earlier before Microsoft bought the brand from Nokia. There are a lot of competitive brand whose OS are much more on the demand than OS for Windows.

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