Microsoft Admits Death of Windows Phone

With the Google's Android and Apple iOS Operating System (OS) in the market, Microsoft has been struggling to sell Windows smartphones for quite some time. The company finally admits that the software gaint will seize the development of new features or hardware for Windows 10 mobiles. The Corporate Vice President, Joe Belfiore, in the Operating System Group at Microsoft said that Windows OS will only be used with bug fixes and security updates for it's users. Microsoft has shied away from officially terminating it's phone OS but it's been evident that the company is no longer putting efforts in Windows phone for the past years.

Belfiore also tweeted that building new features and hardware aren't the focus. However, the company will roll out the "Fall Creators" update for Windows 10 on the 17th of October which will include Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) support sans the mobile experience.

He also advised Windows users to switch to Android, iOS or any other platform on their phones as he has already moved to Android. He admitted that Microsoft will still support Windows 10 customers who want to use Android and iOS on their phones.

Reports also have it that Windows 10 is here to take its place by being better, faster and more intuitive than ever before. However, this is not going to convince most users to switch.  Infact, Bill Gates has already stopped using Windows phone.

While most people have accepted the death of Windows Phone over a year ago, nearly 80 percent of all Windows-powered phones are still running  Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8 or Windows Phone 8.1. However they are all officially unsupported.


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