Jumia Market Black Friday deals are here!


Black Friday is finally, upon us. This year, Jumia Market is giving amazing deals on several product categories from the 14th of November to the 25th of November, 2016. You can get used and new phones at discounted rates on Jumia Market. 

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The Jumia Black Friday deals are in  wonderful daily categories for you this year.

November 14 – Home day

Expect deals on home products from furniture to kitchen accessories. The deals will be spread across different household products blenders, pots, plates and pans. It is time for you to beautiful your home with amazing deals. If you're after the latest kitchen gadget, keep an eye out.

November 15 – Black bundle day

Get more value for every product in a bundle. Enjoy special bundles in fashion and accessories. Three in one shirts, pack of jeans, a bundle with shoes, shirts and shades included. Get two to three products at the best prices. You don’t have to be a twin to enjoy double-double, so get your pens, make a list and shoot for the best deals.

November 16 – Men’s day

Since Black Friday is mostly known for discounts on fashion items make sure you do your research for the shoes, shirts, jeans and every other fashion accessory you’ve been craving all year long. Get in on the act, as Jumia Market will be lowering prices on items on the 16th of November. So make sure to look at customer reviews, get your head around the way the website and app works and start buying. It is time to start looking like the fresh prince you’ve always wanted.

November 17 – Women’s day

High heel shoes, custom made stilettos, hats, bags, facials, crop tops, mini and midi dresses; the assortment has never been better. This year’s Black Friday features deals for women across all demographics. From fashionistas to the conservatives there is something for everyone. Make sure you do your research and be happy with the specifications ahead of time. This will save you time on the day and help you make sure you buy a product your happy with.

November 18 – Accessories day

A wise man once said you’re never really complete without the right accessories. If you’re thinking about mini speakers, detachable laptop keyboards, computer mouse, printers, memory chips, ear phones, head phones, backpacks; make sure you accessorize the right way during this year’s Black Friday

November 19 – Kids day

Do you want amazing deals on walkers, carriers or baby clothes? You could be in luck this year. Also keep an eye on outdoor toys that will make the festive season great for kids. Think children's play equipment and maybe outdoor furniture. Put a smile on your child’s face this Black Friday, it just might last a life time.

November 20 – Family day

Nothing beats a happy family. Get the best deals on food items, diaper packs, toiletries, air fresheners, water guards, soap, and insecticides. Get everything that makes your family happy, explore amazing deals on Jumia Market. Make your family the envy of the town.

November 21 – Fashion day

Calling on all the fashionistas and fashion icons. Bespoke shoes, haute couture, sneaker lovers, party dresses, denim on denim, mini dresses, shades, suits, heels everything you need to look classy. Get the best prices on Jumia Market this Black Friday.  It is time for you to express your inner “stylista”.

November 22 – Electronics day

Thinking of the best household and mobile technology? Get ready this black Friday to get great deals on game consoles, PS4/Xbox one, DVDs, mobile phones, monitors and smart watches. Smartphones were hugely popular last year, with thousands of them sold at discount prices over the Black Friday period. This year, expect more of the same deals on several products. It is time for you to flex your fingers and become the next inspector gadget.

November 23 – Electronic day

Jumia Market is well known for its Black Friday electronics discounts – it usually has a huge range of models on offer. From speakers, home theater sets, televisions, projectors to laptops, printers and photocopy machines. If you're after the latest kitchen gadgets and electronics all together, keep an eye out for November 23. Transform your home to your self-designed cave.

November 24 – Treat your self

Treat yourself to the best random deals. Deals will be listed across different categories so take advantage of the price slash. Indulge yourself, spoil yourself and enjoy the best deals.

November 25 – Black Friday

The day when everything drops to the barest. I dare not say too much. Surprise yourself with something special.

How to get the best out of Black Friday this year

There are a few simple things you can do to make sure you stay ahead of the game, to get that discount before anyone else.

Information: Firstly, sign up to the Jumia Market newsletter so you get all the information first. It's worth following Jumia Market on all social platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (JumiaMarketng).

Mobile: Experts predict many Black Friday sales will be done via mobile this year, so download the Jumia Market app and stuff up your wallets in advance.

Research: If you're after a certain product, work out what model you want before the deal day. Stay ahead of the crowd by making a list of the items you want. Remember that the deals change by 12am every day, so be the first to make your order.

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