Is Your Phone Intelligent Or Just Smart?

Intelligent Phone or Smart Phone

Our world is clumped. I used to think that only Humans can be intelligent, recent technological success has proved otherwise. Present-day Smartphones are great, it gives ease and efficiency in exchange for some cash; mails can be sorted promptly, communication is easier, and even businesses are more productive.

Now that phones will be sharing same features with Men, what should we expect in the next generation of mobile phones? Artificial intelligence technology and high-end Phones! Phone manufacturers has already started introducing the AI system into new premium phones, and as we know it, once users embrace this’ll soon become the next Basic Feature for every phone.

Intelligent Phones are phones that will be capable of cognitive functions based on the users preference. Example include automatically generated list of network and selecting which is most suitable for the user having considered the battery level, cost of data, and the running apps. Another is ability to switch to airplane mode as soon as the user is airborne, Also, connecting to audio system as soon as user steps into his car. These however are very basic examples, manufacturers are not so predictable.

It will no longer be about the number or kinds applications present on a phone, but about the ability of the phone to quickly interpret the desires of the user translating it into its next line of action..this will be the next specs to watch out for in next generation of phones.

Fasten your seatbelts, it’s about to go gaga!

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