The Fingerprint Phone Lock Age

using fingerprint phone lock

Apparently, the most recent craze for smart-phones is the possession of a rear fingerprint scanner technology. Initially, most high end devices came with front fingerprint scanner including the iphone6, 6s plus,Galaxy S6, Note 5 among others but the rear biometric scanner is proving to be the real deal. Although, all the methods proven to help by-pass the scanner are not so straightforward nor easy, still it is worth noting that it can be done. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you thought the fingerprint scanner technology was fool proof, think again. However, we all love it as:

  • It gives the device certain elegance
  • It is easily accessible while holding the device in one hand as opposed to having to type passwords or draw patterns every 2minutes
  • It is aesthetically more pleasing and helps reducing bezels thus making handling phones with big screens easier.
  • You can use more fingers (index,middlefinger e.t.c) as opposed to the front ones where you have to use the thumb.

These days, having a fingerprint scanner ranks high on the specification priority list of anybody looking to get a smartphone device and behold, not only high end phones posses this feature, mid-ranger and relatively budget friendly phones also pack this spec. We have tested some of these devices and they have proven worthy over time, these smartphones include:

* Infinix Hot 4

*Infinix Hot S

* Innjoo max 3

*zopo speed 8

*xiaomi redmi among others.

We have personally tested some of these devices and they have proved worthy over time.

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