BlackBerry stops Phone Production!

The Popular Canadian company; BlackBerry seems to have finally decided to stop production of all smartphones. This has been long rumoured among phone media and even the masses had long expected it due to the various inconsistency shown by their products. This had moved several of their customers to a more stable smartphone maker such as Samsung and Apple iPhone, BlackBerry is now bold enough to let go, indirectly submitting ruler-ship of the Phone kingdom to Samsung and Apple (iPhones).

Blackberry declared that it is thereby endorsing an Oversea Patner for the production of the phones, and turning its full attention to the more profitable and growing software business. Report has it that theChief Executive Officer, John Chen had had it n plan for about 3 years ago.3 years ago, the Company outsourced some of their manufacturing to Foxconn Technology Group. John Chen also pointed out that the smartphone business is not profitable to the Company, and they had decided to wrap it up.

And looking at this closely, John Chen is a software CEO, so he probably wouldn't have problem with this new business-line, looks like what he enjoys doing. The Company has signed an official licensing agreement with an Indonesian company to make and distribute BlackBerry-branded devices. Also, the company plan tostart designing smartphone applications and an extra-secure version of Alphabet Inc.’s Android operating system in collaboration withChinese and Indian manufacturers. John Chen, in a quarterly report of the company said “We are reaching an inflection point with our strategy. Our financial foundation is strong, and our pivot to software is taking hold,” Chen also said "Blacberry will improve margins and could actually increase the number of BlackBerry-branded phones sold, as manufacturers license the name that still holds considerable sway in emerging markets like Indonesia, South Africa and Nigeria."

This is not a surprise, we saw it coming. Anyway, so what's the future of the present BlackBerry phones? What happens to the new DTEK 50? Will upgrade continue?

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