Konga Phones

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Konga.com is an online market place where you have different sellers for various types of phones and gadgets.

A lot of phones in Nigeria are available on Konga, sourced from sellers. One advantage of buying from a marketplace like Konga is the discounts they often offer to their customers. All the popular android phones and the uncommon ones are listed on Konga website. Check the product you want, read about it and purchase. They also bring it right to your doorstep. We provide you with all you need to know and let you know about konga discounts and deals you can benefit from – just click through our links and buy.  

Android Phones on Konga

Android phones are getting more popular in the market as they offer many application options. There is virtually nothing that doesn’t have an android app these days. Sometimes you can get Konga phones with special deals that gives you a sim and data.  From the latest Android phones to the cheapest Android phones, you will find the descriptions here and links to the seller on Konga.

Here are some of the brands of phones available on Konga – 

Tecno Phones 

Tecno mobile phones are one of the commonly purchased andriod phones in Nigeria. For one, the phones are quite affordable on average. If you are looking for a good affordable phone to buy that can perform general functions of other quality smartphones, you should be picking up a tecno phone on konga. Some of the phones will come at discounted rates. Check Phones in Nigeria on a regular to find out the different promos going on. 

Samsung Phones 

Samsung mobile produces some of the top android phones and they are available in Nigeria. Go through our list of Samsung phones to know the latest ones, see Samsung phone prices in Nigeria and get the best deals when you are ready to order your desired phone online. 

Infinix Phones

Also one of the most common phones on the streets right now. Infinix phones are powerful and quite affordable too. The latest Infinix phones come with finger lock technology like most top smartphones. Their cameras are also not bad.

Blackberry Phones

If you are a fan of BlackBerry phones, you should check out for the andriod phones made by BlackBerry. 

InnJoo Phones

Gionee Phones