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Jumia Mobile

The phones on Jumia.com ranges from the popular Android phones, iOS (Apple) phones, Blackberry phones to Windows phones and are sourced from different sellers.

After reading our reviews, check the phone on Jumia to buy. Some sellers list their phones on Jumia at  different prices, you can either check through it all or click from our list of cheap Jumia phones.

Android Phones on Jumia

The Andriod OS has grown quite big over the years and is now on most of the phones out there so much that even Blackberry have made a phone with the Android OS. With an Android phone, you have access to millions of applications that make your phone more fun. The good thing about the OS is that it gives access to the almost the same level of applications even if it's a low-end Android phone or high-end Android phone. Android phones are top of Jumia phones. From the latest Android phones to the cheapest Android phones, you will certainly get the best phone of your choice.

Tecno Phones on Jumia

Since entering the Nigerian market, Tecno mobile has kept improving on their offer. The Tecno phone used to be associated with "chinko" and other names like that but today with the Tecno Phantom phones and the likes, the company are a force to reckon with. Tecno Phantom 5 is the phone to look out for right now. Get your choice Tecno phone on Jumia.

Samsung Phones on Jumia

Samsung does not need any introduction. They have been doing their thing for a long time now. Samsung phones come in different models and versions. Depending on your budget, check Samsung phones on Jumia.

Infinix Phones on Jumia

Right now, Infinix phones are everywhere in Nigeria. The camera on some Infinix phones will surely blow you away and the batteries are superb. It is a sure buy if you want that high-end taste at an affordable price. Infinix phones are on Jumia and you can get one now.

Blackberry Phones on Jumia

Blackberry has been in Nigeria for a long time now. Even though the company cannot be said to be doing so greatly out there, there is still quality in the make of Blackberry phones. Blackberry phones are available on Jumia and packaged with data giveaways from MTN and other telecoms.

InnJoo Phones on Jumia

Surely one of the top selling midrange android phones, InnJoo phones are getting more sleek in design that makes you wonder if it is an iPhone. The specs of the top rated ones are not bad at all too. You will easily get an InnJoo Phones on Jumia. Check the list of InnJoo phones available to decide on your preferred phone.

Gionee Phones on Jumia

The design is one thing that catches our attention here. Gionee Phones are solid good, especially when you consider the cost. Read about the latest Gionee phones here and buy your choice Gionee phones on Jumia.

Tablets on Jumia

Consuming media, browsing and having fun on the internet on-the-go is best done on a tablet. You have the awesome screen real estate to either watch movies, read books or play games. Kids totally love tablets too. As a 21st generation parent, you can tailor what you kids will be exposed to with the tablet. Simply get educative apps and programs on it for them to be entertained and educated at the same time. For all the different types of tablets, check the list of tablets on Jumia.